Welcome to Members Support

We provide the concierge quality support our customers and their customers require. Creating an end-to-end system of consumer engagement that benefits your brands by enhancing the trust your brand earns and the convenience your company provide.


We listen. Our primary role is to serve as a point of first contact for our clients, politely answering questions for customers, assisting with rudimentary requests and creating a cohesive process for elevating critical requests to the proper channel of your billing, hosting and management team.


Members.support staff diligently responds in a timely manner, provides our clients with useful metrics from the support requests we receive and finds ways to streamline the support process for your company as a way to reduce the resources that need to be allocated while establishing an even higher level of customer satisfaction.

Customer Satisfaction

Our goal is very simple. When you hire us to provide support for your members, we do all that we can to ensure that your existing customers, expired customers, declines and potential customers all feel completely satisfied with the level of support they receive from your brand. We know that when your customers are happy, you are happy, and that makes us happy.

Live Chat

Many potential customers are unwilling to call you by phone or become lost to inertia when asked to email you and wait for a reply. That’s why a simple Live Chat support window on your site staffed by trained Members.support professionals can serve as an easy way to improve your conversion ratios, retention rates and overall ROI on our support services.

Detailed Email Support

Members.support responds to email requests for you, answering questions and positively engaging your potential customers or recurring members in a way that allows them to express themselves, receive the help they desire and move forward with their purchase. Our email exchanges with your clients are also available for your review at your convenience.

Privacy & Security

Members.support uses an NDA and other agreements as required to ensure your company always maintains the highest possible level of privacy and data security. We do not handle any sensitive billing data and serve as Tier1 support with a full understanding of the importance of confidentially responding to requests or elevating requests to your in-house tier2 support channels.


Utilizing Members.support has proven to be a terrific move. Good business decisions lower costs or raise revenue. Members Support does both.
Eyal A., CEO MarketingParadox.com
We originally started using Members Support as a way to expedite our response time, and what impressed me most was the added benefit of having their Live Chat professionals as part of our sales funnel.
Roger K., COO WebsiteSecure.org
As a domainer myself, their brand initially caught my eye. Since we started working with them our requests for support of dropped considerably because of the way their detailed suggestions and continued follow-up have helped evolve our business.
Lauren R., President DomainersData.com